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Listen, we know...

nobody wants to pay for Facebook Ads


you're paying with your time if you're manually responsible for your marketing.

+ there is only so far you can grow when you're trading your hours for dollars.


stop waiting for your people to 'find you'

Create your own Big Break.

That's why we love Meta Ads...

Ashley here! As an introvert, I don't really like 'selling'.

I wholeheartedly believe in the impact our business can have to help others but if I'm being honest, the process of promotion can be exhausting + even discouraging at times.

BUT unless I make sales, this isn't a business... it's just a really expensive (+ time consuming) hobby. A hobby that takes time away from my family + doing the other things I love.

Facebook Ads save me from the exhaustion of lead generation, as well as most of the discomfort of selling by automating the follow up for me or getting my people to my email list where those automations nurture and sell for me.

Not only that, but they help me grow my audience which in turn increases my IMPACT.


You don’t have to do it alone.

We've spent years distilling our knowledge of marketing, meta ads and buying pyschology into the most simplified method possible.

So you can get the best results with the least amount of time + money spent.

sound like something you'd be interested in?


Big Break Club

The Meta Ads membership that's ONE part education, ONE part resources/templates, and ONE part LIVE support from women who know what they're talking about and genuinely want you to succeed.

Can I tell you a secret?

Ads don't have to be scary, difficult or expensive.


We're taking the mystery out of using Meta Ads to grow your business.

...and all without wasting your money or getting an mba in the meta platform 👀

Ads Made Easy

Meta Ads aren't difficult, you just need a little guidance, that's why we made the 5-step Ads Made Easy Roadmap.

1. Tech Set Up
2. Strategy Selection
3. Targeting
4. Copy + Creative
5. Improving your Results

Strategy Library

Access our ever growing library of ad strategies that have been tested and proven across different industries and to reach different goals.

Learn exactly what ads to run, who to target, and how much to spend to reach your specific goals.

2x week support

We hold LIVE office hours 2x week where you can ask questions, get feedback,  share your screen, troubleshoot or sometimes we even do live campaign build outs if there is time.

You are also welcome to leave your questions in the Facebook group where we answer questions Monday-Thursday.

🎙tap tap... is this thing on?🎙

meta ads are simply an amplification of your voice

...and we'll give you everything you need to turn the volume WAY up 🔊

Everything you need to create amazing ads:

Ad Creative Templates

Copy Prompts

Audience Targeting Swipe Files

Everything you need to select your Ad Strategy:

Ad Strategy Library

2x week support calls

Quick Start Plan

Everything you need to optimize those ads + manage them:

What to do next, decision grid

Meta Platform updates via monthly private podcast



We walk you through the 'must have' ads manager settings with video tutorials + a handy checklist.

  • The exact settings to get your Business Manager set up.
  • Pixel Perfect, to get your tracking set up correctly, the first time.
  • Check lists + walk throughs to simplify the process.


How to determine what kind of ads to run (what options there are + why you don't need them all) + a list of common ad strategies/use cases and simple set up instructions. Plus our best tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck.

  • How to choose an Ad Strategy based on your Customer Journey
  • The 'Facebook 50' and why some ads can be so expensive (+ what to do instead)
  • Commonly used Facebook Ad Strategies + Use Cases


Get our Targeting Toolkit with lists of best performing audiences for a range of niches PLUS the most up to date targeting tips + tricks (this changes frequently + is updated regularly to keep you in the know!)

  • The Targeting Toolkit Swipe File
  • How to use Meta's AI + algorithm to easily (+ cost efficiently) reach your audience
  • How to utilize key words in your copy + creative to further bring your ad costs down


Learn how to create 'micro-angles' to make your ads stand out from the crowd, as well as tips for making graphics, videos and talking head videos, choosing images as well as best performing ad copy formulas and AI prompts.

  • How to craft multiple micro angles for your offers + business
  • Ad Copy | Writing a great hook + high converting copy formulas
  • Ad Creative | Stopping the scroll, 'talking head' video creation, + utilizing graphics, reels and more.


Learn how to easily find and read your data to determine if your ads are 'working'. Plus, get our easy to use AdHQ for a quick way to know what data you're looking at, what numbers you need to be measuring against AND what to do to get better results!

  • The 5-minute Campaign Framing Method
  • Reading your ad results + simplifying your decisions with benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators
  • How to make decisions based on your data that will improve the results of your ads

“it just made it feel so doable and possible!"


– Brittany L.

what's included:

The 5 Phase Ads Made Easy Roadmap  
2x per week Office Hour with Ashley or Elizabeth  
The Ad Strategy Library  
What to do next, decision grid  
Meta Platforms Update   Private Podcast  
Ad Creative Templates  
Copy Prompts  
Audience Targeting Swipe Files  
Custom Quick Start Plan  

Total Price:  

The 5 Phase Ads Made Easy Roadmap $997

2x per week Office Hour with Ashley or Elizabeth $797

The Ad Strategy Library $297

What to do next, decision grid $49

Meta Platforms Update Private Podcast $29

Ad Creative Templates $49

Copy Prompts $39

Audience Targeting Swipe Files $49

Custom Quick Start Plan $497

Total Price: $2774



Your Price: $97/month


“No money is being wasted!"

"My biggest fear going into this was wasting money because I didn't know what I was doing. With their support no money is being wasted!"

– Erin M.

Let’s take a peek inside of the Big Break Portal...


We're Ashley + Elizabeth


Numbers, Marketing + Psychology are kind of our thing. We love helping business owners who are passionate about what they do. And we love seeing other women succeed.

We're building the world we want our kids living in + we're excited to help you do the same.


This membership is perfect for you if you're ready to amplify the results your business is currently getting.

  • This is for business owners already getting results with their organic marketing.
  • This is for business owners ready to increase their visibility + be SEEN.
  • This is for you, if you have at least 1 hour per week to manage your ads.
  • This is for you, if you can think critically + follow a proven system of creating, testing, and optimizing.

“The way you both break Facebook ads into digestible pieces was amazing”

Today's call exceeded my expectations! The way you both break FB ads into digestible pieces was amazing. I look forward to growing in this area of my business with your support.
– Trinetta P.



Try us out for one week, if you open up the Big Break portal and come to at least one office hour and still think it's not for you, then we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

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